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The Oligo Society is a circle of economists interested in the game-theoretic analysis of competition. Topics of particular interest include industrial organization, contests, and auctions.

The oligo workshop series was started in 2013 by Christian Ewerhart and Attila Tasnádi. Since then, the organizing committee has steadily grown by electing local organizers into the committee.

The Oligo Society organizes one workshop each year, usually in early June. If you are interested in local organization of a future workshop, please contact any member of the scientific committee.

Present Workshop

2021 Maastricht (Virtual)

Keynote speaker: David Myatt | Local organizer: Iwan Bos


Future Workshops

2022 tba

Previous Workshops

2020 Virtual

Keynote speaker: Natalia Fabra | Local organizers: Christian Ewerhart, Sergei Izmalkov, Attila Tasnádi

Final Program

2019 Nottingham

Keynote speaker: Mark Armstrong | Local organizer: Debasmita Basak

2018 Piraeus

Keynote speaker: Costas Arkolakis | Local organizer: Nickolas Michelakacis

2017 Moscow

Keynote speaker: Jacques François Thisse | Local organizer: Sergei Izmalkov

2016 Paris

Keynote speaker: Giancarlo Spagnolo | Local organizer: David Ettinger

2015 Madrid

Keynote speaker: Luis Cabral | Local organizer: Luis Corchón

2014 Rome

Keynote speaker: Jean Gabszewicz | Local organizer: Marco Marini

2013 Budapest

Keynote speaker: Botond Köszegi | Local organizer: Attila Tasnádi

Scientific Committee

Debasmita Basak, Nottingham University Business School

Luis Corchón, Carlos III University

David Ettinger, University Paris-Dauphine

Christian Ewerhart, University of Zurich (christian.ewerhart@econ.uzh.ch)

Sergei Izmalkov, New Economic School Moscow

Marco Marini, Sapienza University of Rome

Nickolas J. Michelacakis, University of Piraeus

Attila Tasnádi, Corvinus University of Budapest